Tuesday, October 13, 2009

tiny week ahead

i'm a bit sad at myself for not getting as much done as i wanted to during october break (no, really?) but there's just a tiny baby little week ahead of me now, and it looks to be pretty easy to deal with from over here on tuesday night. just some in-class writing and peer review for the composition class and a midterm review and midterm-taking in american lit. totally dealwithable.

hopefully this will allow me to get more of my dissertation craps done. picked up a pile of books yesterday at the library and i'm looking forward to settling into them. got some transnational lit stuff to try and win that mellon postdoc position at ucla in the fall -- it's a maje stretch seeing as the current fellows are all harvardy and cornellish or whatevers, but might as well give it a go.

hoping to get into a conference in canada, one at ucla, and one in san antonio too. getting all this school biz in order is a bit exhausting. but i do get to present on iris murdoch and alimentary imagery (read: food) in albuquerque next feb, so yayys to that! gonna make mother and father join me for a long weekend so i'll get a cv line and family time.

but what a snoozefest work post this is! i also went to the local mall today which was a MISTAKE. tried on numerous pairs of hideous jeans and a lot of sports gear that didn't hit the mark at all, man. i guess now i can continue my online shoppings with the mental comfort of knowing that there's nothing locally available. shipping costs suck, but not nearly as much as the tippecanoe mall. that place makes me want to kill myself.

well, my brain is buzzing too much to keep writing now. first to looking at a few of those library books and then to relax with the newest bust magazine. totally stocked up on magazines today, but i've rationed them out to myself. only one a night!

until tomorrow, internet. sleep tight.

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