Sunday, October 18, 2009

so sleepy tonight!

even tho i napped half my day away, i'm so super exhausted right now. i guess an evening of midwestern corn maze tomfoolery and attendant drinking really took it out of me. the sheer amount of junk food i ingested yesterday probably has something to do with it too. there was a spiked hot chocolate from starbucks (what? corn mazes are chilly!), a caramel apple and almost an entire elephant ear (which is like a churro, but a hundred times bigger), and then a margherita pizza and cocktails at sparrow. all very delish.

but there was a lot of walking, some see-sawing, and hay-pile jumping at the corn maze. and then dancing at the black sparrow, so i'm sure i worked off some of that biz...

overall, saturday was a total success. it was a perfect october night for the corn maze; we went to the 'haunted' one and the corn was so tall and eerie, it was wonderful! and there's just something foreign and scary about midwestern farms to a californian. and what a lovely fall, small town feeling in the air. the little concession stand thing above had to be one of my favorite parts of the night. i'm so captivated by lights, you guys, it's kind of silly. but it was all very tom waits scenario and felt very movieish last night. everything seemed charmed.

suffered a bit for it today, but all in the name of adventure, yes? i have quite a work week ahead of me now tho and i still need to catch up on my reading before class tomorrow. so it's time for me to finish sipping on my sugar cookie tea (so good!) and crawl in bed with a book.

xoxo J

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