Tuesday, October 6, 2009

small problems with productivity

got derailed from my work plans by some cookie making. it had to happen. i mean, i had extra eggs! so coconut chocolate chip cookies are now sitting on my countertop being little temptresses. had two (and some cookie dough, don't lie, self) and they were pretty tasty. and i used half wheat flour and most everything was organic, so they're, like, totally healthy. i'm sure.

well, i did do my grading and reading for tomorrow and also found out that puffin (aka beckett) is allergic to ragweed and that is the source of her allergy torments over the last few months. does anyone know if ragweed is really common in lafayette? i guess i'll have to google it...

anyway, nice to know what's bothering poor piglet and that there are ways to help her in the future. as you can tell, she was also very concerned:

her other new nickname is snoozles, for obvious reasons. puffin is my favorite right now tho. funny how you can have a dog for 10 years and still come up with new nicknames. and songs, too, i'll admit. there are songs -- current one is 'beckett, grow your hair back! go beckett, you can do it!' much less funny in writing, i suppose. there's also a song abt how beckett likes to put herself to bed early sometimes, but i'll save that for another time.

for now, to sleep! and hopefully be ready for a slightly more productive day on the morrow.

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