Thursday, October 8, 2009


i have them. i can tell because i've been making songs all night - about how many cookies i'm gonna eat, abt how hard life is for beckett (it's hard!), abt how much i don't feel like prepping a lecture tomorrow - it's endless, really.

all i really feel like doing these days is eating a lot and working out a lot. both of which i've been doing. after cardio blast yesterday, i met up with raven win and paul at d.t. kirby's and ate an entire (huge) vegi burger plus fries and three beers. it was heaven, not gonna lie. i was so stuffed tho that i woke up still full. which is kinda gross, i suppose. it was nice to get out and those brewskis relaxed my gym-tired body like nobody's business.

now i'm looking forward to a nice long october-break weekend which will be full of organization, writing, sleeping, and quality time with the bf. i feel like we've both been working so much that i hardly spend time with him (even tho we're like 5 feet away from each other most of the day). that's grad school for you; you can be in the same room and still be a million miles away.

i am so glad i'm not going out of town even tho it's rainy and dullsville here. dullsville is exactly what i want this weekend. and one date night and one night where we watch tv on dvd and eat candy until forever and tons of sleeping in and maybe hanging out at some coffeeshops.

okay, time to get it together and plan that lecture tomorrow. ah, friday, i'm so excited for you!

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