Monday, October 26, 2009

saturday was a show stopper

okay, i've given myself ten minutes of blogging time, so if i run off into oblivion at the end, please forgive. i've yet to do some reading and i would also like to call miller tonight so that we might discuss an impending san francisco trip (!).

the most interesting thing lately was saturday, which began with english muffins and almond butter and ended with 5am pizza and some sort of domestic beer. i curled my hair, donned my new tocca shift dress (thx to discount web sites, hurrah), put on some glowifying avocado oil and met some folks for drinks at bistro where i enjoyed a french martini with a lemon twist.

from there it was to the black sparrow for cocktails and chatting and v.o. came out despite the fact that she and the others had been up till all hours the night before. patrick the funny waiter made me do a twirl in my new dress and we drank salty dogs and grey goose vodkas and got antsy enough to go dancing at zoolegers, the one gay bar in town.

where i decided that i MUST make this very sad and beautiful drag queen dance with me. she did not want to dance with me. neither did her blonde softball-girl friend. but my cohorts wanted to dance and so we did and also by that time one of our party began to feel restricted by her party dress which resulted in a LOT of knickers-seeing and general exposed skin. held up the front of her dress like a 3 year old. repeatedly. which i found immensely charming. (we had raspberry vodka and sodas here).

tired and hungry but not tired tired we all walked back to winship's for frozen pizza, brewskis, dancing, and playing music (and some slam poetry?). and i brought beckett over and she had a marvelous time getting attention and cuddling. i walked across the street back to my apartment at some ungodly hour, told pretty baby "i'm a revolutionary" (or something along those lines) and passed out until 2pm on sunday. with only the twinge of a hangover, mind you.

it was a strange night and fun and now i've gone over my allotted time by two minutes! off i go, into the overly complex and somewhat dreary world of iris murdoch. and then to the telly.

buenas noches.

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