Tuesday, October 20, 2009

puffin likes almond butter too

made a quick indy run today for trader joe's supplies and a mall trip. i had hoped to find some tall wintery boots but ended up with several pairs of socks and two headbands from j.crew (?). random sure, but i have exactly zero pairs of matching socks right now (aside from the exercise kind) and my hair is driving me crazy. so socks and headbands.

and good haul at trader joe's where i bought 3 jars of almond butter this time because i am an addict. gave beckett the tiny bit leftover from my last jar and she definitely shares my likin for the almond butter -- she carried it around the apartment and finally settled down on her little dog bed until i was afraid she was gonna detach her jaw or get her face stuck in the jar. well, even puppies need treats from time to time.

made it home in time for a meeting with my dissertation director which was fine, but for which i really need to do more in the future. my writing output is not what it should be. but a new plan for tuesday and thursday coffeeshop writing mornings will be put in effect to remedy the problem. if i'm at home, there are just a million puttery things i end up doing.

now i'm in dire need of a shower and sleep. planned a lecture for tomorrow and have all my ducks in a row for the next (and close to final, hopefully) step in getting my stupid MS medicine sitch set up. let's all collectively cross our fingers for that one.

i'm also going to give sleeping a whirl without benedryl assistance. so let's cross our fingers for that as well. sleep tight!

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