Monday, October 12, 2009

greasy mouth and entire digestive system blech blech

i need to scrub out my mouth n' insides because dinner out tonight was not a treat. pretty baby and i thought we'd give bluefin bistro another whirl, since they're right downstairs and all. plus, they've been open for a while now and have revamped the menu. sadly, we were both disappointed.

i started with the spicy shrimp appetizer which came breaded and fried when i was expecting grilled, so that was kinda sucky. they were tasty tho TRES TRES greasy so i only had a few. then we got the 'mixed salad' that came with our entrees which was 99% iceberg and 1% chopped tomato (snooze). then i got a super greasy 'grilled' mahi mahi and a vegi and potato side (no choice about yr sides, btw. everything comes with the same side.) that was all grease and salt. david had an overcooked filet and we killed a bottle of klincker brick zin in no time flat. the wine helped the meal go down, but now i'm headachey and generally having crankiness. a little over $100 for that? not again, my friends. c-note dinners are hard to come by on the grad school budget, so i'll not be visiting downstairs for food again. i'd do some drinks there and i'd give desert a go, but blech-central on the food front.

tomorrow is another sleep-in day since we're on october break. awesomeness. i've got lots of work to do tho, so it's time to zonk out early and then wake up for a cozy fall workfest. got lecturin, writin, and organizin to do.

oh, i did lift weights again with d on saturday, that was cool. i'm pretty good at it and i'm getting better, y'all. soon i'll be up to 25 lb dumbbells in each hand for the clean n' press. doesn't sound like much yet, but it will be heavy enough for me and my wimpy arms. i still have my heart set on big muscles by december. i figure i'll scare colleges/universities into offering me a professor position with my uber-defined arms and thighs.

it's a no-flaw plan, really.

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