Monday, October 5, 2009

full of energies

i was like a cardio blast demon at the gym today, i had so much energy. will prolly sleep like a baby angel and then be dead tired tomorrow as a result. but that's always a good tired anyway. i am so gym obsessed right now! and puffy cute gay instructor adam is back! i missed him very much and his sassy little hip hop cool down maneuvers. (let's not confuse cute puffy adam with my other favorite instructor -- cute nice-body ex-cheerleader whats-his-name who i also love).

got home starving and threw some tuna salad on a whole wheat tortilla with lettuce and hot sauce. inhaled it and then went about the business of actually making dinner, which was a vegi stir fry on top of rice noodles. super yum. this double dinner situation may take me more toward fatsville than i want, but i've been so good about exercising i don't really give a good god damn. and i feel frickin terrific, so there's that.

finally got the insurance situation rolling on my MS medicine front, so i hope to start that up on the quick quick. i still worry about not feeling as good after i start, but there's nothing like imagining that your brain is getting more weird white spots on it to get a girl in the mood for medicine.

tomorrow is a nice, easy day and i'm looking forward to sleeping in and some relaxed grading of papers. then maybe some more gym and maybe something fun in the aftertimes.

buenas noches, amiguitas!

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