Saturday, October 3, 2009


well, nobody likes to be at home at 10:30 on a saturday night with nothing good to do. especially when somebody thought it was going to be cocktail night. but whatever. sometimes saturdays are disappointments. and i make my own fun.

so i'm just gonna stew around for a little bit and then get on with things. maybe i'll find something arty to do or maybe i'll get ahead in my reading so that sunday is freed up for better things. maybe tennis tomorrow and maybe the local mall (sad as it is) for new sports gear and a pair of jeans. i hate jeans shopping more than i hate bathing suit shopping, you guys. it's hard for a girl with big thighs and a smaller waist! if things fit my waist they have a death grip on the thighs and if jeans fit my thighs, there's a big old gap around my belly. not to mention that none of the fancy jeans help a girl out with this issue. so i'll be trolling around macys looking for trouser jeans soon. siiiiiiiigh. finding some sexy mean looking sports gear should lift my mood tho.

ugh, i don't like my life very much tonight. i wish i had more friends here. i think i'm gonna go sulk for a bit.

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