Wednesday, October 21, 2009

and a happy wednesday to you as well!

so wednesday was pretty good. taught a couple of decent classes and then skipped the gym to clean and organize around the house which was much needed. there was even a scrubbing of the shower involved.

then i made fish tacos (yum) with guacamole and fresh salsa, claro. ate them while watching a few episodes from 30 rock season 3 which is good and funny tho seems to be falling short of previous seasons, imo. we're only on disc one tho, so i'm hoping things will pick up.

gotta get up early tomorrow and attack a pile of midterms with inhuman dedication. promised to have them back by friday and they're just sitting in the corner over there collecting dust. but tomorrow i will make a cup of sugar cookie tea (obsessed, i'm obsessed!) and dive in. as a reward, i may head to bistro 501 for some wine with friends in the evening. i've abstained from the booze since big corn maze night out, so i'm feeling ready for a cocktail.

and after all the cleaning i did today, it (read: they) will be much deserved!

to bed!

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