Monday, October 26, 2009

saturday was a show stopper

okay, i've given myself ten minutes of blogging time, so if i run off into oblivion at the end, please forgive. i've yet to do some reading and i would also like to call miller tonight so that we might discuss an impending san francisco trip (!).

the most interesting thing lately was saturday, which began with english muffins and almond butter and ended with 5am pizza and some sort of domestic beer. i curled my hair, donned my new tocca shift dress (thx to discount web sites, hurrah), put on some glowifying avocado oil and met some folks for drinks at bistro where i enjoyed a french martini with a lemon twist.

from there it was to the black sparrow for cocktails and chatting and v.o. came out despite the fact that she and the others had been up till all hours the night before. patrick the funny waiter made me do a twirl in my new dress and we drank salty dogs and grey goose vodkas and got antsy enough to go dancing at zoolegers, the one gay bar in town.

where i decided that i MUST make this very sad and beautiful drag queen dance with me. she did not want to dance with me. neither did her blonde softball-girl friend. but my cohorts wanted to dance and so we did and also by that time one of our party began to feel restricted by her party dress which resulted in a LOT of knickers-seeing and general exposed skin. held up the front of her dress like a 3 year old. repeatedly. which i found immensely charming. (we had raspberry vodka and sodas here).

tired and hungry but not tired tired we all walked back to winship's for frozen pizza, brewskis, dancing, and playing music (and some slam poetry?). and i brought beckett over and she had a marvelous time getting attention and cuddling. i walked across the street back to my apartment at some ungodly hour, told pretty baby "i'm a revolutionary" (or something along those lines) and passed out until 2pm on sunday. with only the twinge of a hangover, mind you.

it was a strange night and fun and now i've gone over my allotted time by two minutes! off i go, into the overly complex and somewhat dreary world of iris murdoch. and then to the telly.

buenas noches.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

and a happy wednesday to you as well!

so wednesday was pretty good. taught a couple of decent classes and then skipped the gym to clean and organize around the house which was much needed. there was even a scrubbing of the shower involved.

then i made fish tacos (yum) with guacamole and fresh salsa, claro. ate them while watching a few episodes from 30 rock season 3 which is good and funny tho seems to be falling short of previous seasons, imo. we're only on disc one tho, so i'm hoping things will pick up.

gotta get up early tomorrow and attack a pile of midterms with inhuman dedication. promised to have them back by friday and they're just sitting in the corner over there collecting dust. but tomorrow i will make a cup of sugar cookie tea (obsessed, i'm obsessed!) and dive in. as a reward, i may head to bistro 501 for some wine with friends in the evening. i've abstained from the booze since big corn maze night out, so i'm feeling ready for a cocktail.

and after all the cleaning i did today, it (read: they) will be much deserved!

to bed!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

puffin likes almond butter too

made a quick indy run today for trader joe's supplies and a mall trip. i had hoped to find some tall wintery boots but ended up with several pairs of socks and two headbands from j.crew (?). random sure, but i have exactly zero pairs of matching socks right now (aside from the exercise kind) and my hair is driving me crazy. so socks and headbands.

and good haul at trader joe's where i bought 3 jars of almond butter this time because i am an addict. gave beckett the tiny bit leftover from my last jar and she definitely shares my likin for the almond butter -- she carried it around the apartment and finally settled down on her little dog bed until i was afraid she was gonna detach her jaw or get her face stuck in the jar. well, even puppies need treats from time to time.

made it home in time for a meeting with my dissertation director which was fine, but for which i really need to do more in the future. my writing output is not what it should be. but a new plan for tuesday and thursday coffeeshop writing mornings will be put in effect to remedy the problem. if i'm at home, there are just a million puttery things i end up doing.

now i'm in dire need of a shower and sleep. planned a lecture for tomorrow and have all my ducks in a row for the next (and close to final, hopefully) step in getting my stupid MS medicine sitch set up. let's all collectively cross our fingers for that one.

i'm also going to give sleeping a whirl without benedryl assistance. so let's cross our fingers for that as well. sleep tight!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

so sleepy tonight!

even tho i napped half my day away, i'm so super exhausted right now. i guess an evening of midwestern corn maze tomfoolery and attendant drinking really took it out of me. the sheer amount of junk food i ingested yesterday probably has something to do with it too. there was a spiked hot chocolate from starbucks (what? corn mazes are chilly!), a caramel apple and almost an entire elephant ear (which is like a churro, but a hundred times bigger), and then a margherita pizza and cocktails at sparrow. all very delish.

but there was a lot of walking, some see-sawing, and hay-pile jumping at the corn maze. and then dancing at the black sparrow, so i'm sure i worked off some of that biz...

overall, saturday was a total success. it was a perfect october night for the corn maze; we went to the 'haunted' one and the corn was so tall and eerie, it was wonderful! and there's just something foreign and scary about midwestern farms to a californian. and what a lovely fall, small town feeling in the air. the little concession stand thing above had to be one of my favorite parts of the night. i'm so captivated by lights, you guys, it's kind of silly. but it was all very tom waits scenario and felt very movieish last night. everything seemed charmed.

suffered a bit for it today, but all in the name of adventure, yes? i have quite a work week ahead of me now tho and i still need to catch up on my reading before class tomorrow. so it's time for me to finish sipping on my sugar cookie tea (so good!) and crawl in bed with a book.

xoxo J

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

i made shrimp scampi all by myself!

peeled and deveined shrimp even with these ex-vegetarian hands! pulling off the little feets was a little effed up, but i got through it. then threw the little guys in a bit of butter, olive oil, s&p and garlic. when they were all pink and looking edible, i put lemon juice, parsley, and crushed red pepper. piled them on some whole grain pasta with steamed brocolli and parm. very tasty! still adjusting to the texture, but will get there shortly. this will be an awesome and relatively quick addition to the weeknight repertoire for sure.

now listening to a bunch of old morphine which reminds me of angrier days and the late night runs i used to take around san ramon, heart broken and pissed off and fatter than i should have been. man, glad to be older and happier.

still love that chunky bass line tho, morphine. xoxo.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

tiny week ahead

i'm a bit sad at myself for not getting as much done as i wanted to during october break (no, really?) but there's just a tiny baby little week ahead of me now, and it looks to be pretty easy to deal with from over here on tuesday night. just some in-class writing and peer review for the composition class and a midterm review and midterm-taking in american lit. totally dealwithable.

hopefully this will allow me to get more of my dissertation craps done. picked up a pile of books yesterday at the library and i'm looking forward to settling into them. got some transnational lit stuff to try and win that mellon postdoc position at ucla in the fall -- it's a maje stretch seeing as the current fellows are all harvardy and cornellish or whatevers, but might as well give it a go.

hoping to get into a conference in canada, one at ucla, and one in san antonio too. getting all this school biz in order is a bit exhausting. but i do get to present on iris murdoch and alimentary imagery (read: food) in albuquerque next feb, so yayys to that! gonna make mother and father join me for a long weekend so i'll get a cv line and family time.

but what a snoozefest work post this is! i also went to the local mall today which was a MISTAKE. tried on numerous pairs of hideous jeans and a lot of sports gear that didn't hit the mark at all, man. i guess now i can continue my online shoppings with the mental comfort of knowing that there's nothing locally available. shipping costs suck, but not nearly as much as the tippecanoe mall. that place makes me want to kill myself.

well, my brain is buzzing too much to keep writing now. first to looking at a few of those library books and then to relax with the newest bust magazine. totally stocked up on magazines today, but i've rationed them out to myself. only one a night!

until tomorrow, internet. sleep tight.

Monday, October 12, 2009

greasy mouth and entire digestive system blech blech

i need to scrub out my mouth n' insides because dinner out tonight was not a treat. pretty baby and i thought we'd give bluefin bistro another whirl, since they're right downstairs and all. plus, they've been open for a while now and have revamped the menu. sadly, we were both disappointed.

i started with the spicy shrimp appetizer which came breaded and fried when i was expecting grilled, so that was kinda sucky. they were tasty tho TRES TRES greasy so i only had a few. then we got the 'mixed salad' that came with our entrees which was 99% iceberg and 1% chopped tomato (snooze). then i got a super greasy 'grilled' mahi mahi and a vegi and potato side (no choice about yr sides, btw. everything comes with the same side.) that was all grease and salt. david had an overcooked filet and we killed a bottle of klincker brick zin in no time flat. the wine helped the meal go down, but now i'm headachey and generally having crankiness. a little over $100 for that? not again, my friends. c-note dinners are hard to come by on the grad school budget, so i'll not be visiting downstairs for food again. i'd do some drinks there and i'd give desert a go, but blech-central on the food front.

tomorrow is another sleep-in day since we're on october break. awesomeness. i've got lots of work to do tho, so it's time to zonk out early and then wake up for a cozy fall workfest. got lecturin, writin, and organizin to do.

oh, i did lift weights again with d on saturday, that was cool. i'm pretty good at it and i'm getting better, y'all. soon i'll be up to 25 lb dumbbells in each hand for the clean n' press. doesn't sound like much yet, but it will be heavy enough for me and my wimpy arms. i still have my heart set on big muscles by december. i figure i'll scare colleges/universities into offering me a professor position with my uber-defined arms and thighs.

it's a no-flaw plan, really.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


i have them. i can tell because i've been making songs all night - about how many cookies i'm gonna eat, abt how hard life is for beckett (it's hard!), abt how much i don't feel like prepping a lecture tomorrow - it's endless, really.

all i really feel like doing these days is eating a lot and working out a lot. both of which i've been doing. after cardio blast yesterday, i met up with raven win and paul at d.t. kirby's and ate an entire (huge) vegi burger plus fries and three beers. it was heaven, not gonna lie. i was so stuffed tho that i woke up still full. which is kinda gross, i suppose. it was nice to get out and those brewskis relaxed my gym-tired body like nobody's business.

now i'm looking forward to a nice long october-break weekend which will be full of organization, writing, sleeping, and quality time with the bf. i feel like we've both been working so much that i hardly spend time with him (even tho we're like 5 feet away from each other most of the day). that's grad school for you; you can be in the same room and still be a million miles away.

i am so glad i'm not going out of town even tho it's rainy and dullsville here. dullsville is exactly what i want this weekend. and one date night and one night where we watch tv on dvd and eat candy until forever and tons of sleeping in and maybe hanging out at some coffeeshops.

okay, time to get it together and plan that lecture tomorrow. ah, friday, i'm so excited for you!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

small problems with productivity

got derailed from my work plans by some cookie making. it had to happen. i mean, i had extra eggs! so coconut chocolate chip cookies are now sitting on my countertop being little temptresses. had two (and some cookie dough, don't lie, self) and they were pretty tasty. and i used half wheat flour and most everything was organic, so they're, like, totally healthy. i'm sure.

well, i did do my grading and reading for tomorrow and also found out that puffin (aka beckett) is allergic to ragweed and that is the source of her allergy torments over the last few months. does anyone know if ragweed is really common in lafayette? i guess i'll have to google it...

anyway, nice to know what's bothering poor piglet and that there are ways to help her in the future. as you can tell, she was also very concerned:

her other new nickname is snoozles, for obvious reasons. puffin is my favorite right now tho. funny how you can have a dog for 10 years and still come up with new nicknames. and songs, too, i'll admit. there are songs -- current one is 'beckett, grow your hair back! go beckett, you can do it!' much less funny in writing, i suppose. there's also a song abt how beckett likes to put herself to bed early sometimes, but i'll save that for another time.

for now, to sleep! and hopefully be ready for a slightly more productive day on the morrow.

Monday, October 5, 2009

full of energies

i was like a cardio blast demon at the gym today, i had so much energy. will prolly sleep like a baby angel and then be dead tired tomorrow as a result. but that's always a good tired anyway. i am so gym obsessed right now! and puffy cute gay instructor adam is back! i missed him very much and his sassy little hip hop cool down maneuvers. (let's not confuse cute puffy adam with my other favorite instructor -- cute nice-body ex-cheerleader whats-his-name who i also love).

got home starving and threw some tuna salad on a whole wheat tortilla with lettuce and hot sauce. inhaled it and then went about the business of actually making dinner, which was a vegi stir fry on top of rice noodles. super yum. this double dinner situation may take me more toward fatsville than i want, but i've been so good about exercising i don't really give a good god damn. and i feel frickin terrific, so there's that.

finally got the insurance situation rolling on my MS medicine front, so i hope to start that up on the quick quick. i still worry about not feeling as good after i start, but there's nothing like imagining that your brain is getting more weird white spots on it to get a girl in the mood for medicine.

tomorrow is a nice, easy day and i'm looking forward to sleeping in and some relaxed grading of papers. then maybe some more gym and maybe something fun in the aftertimes.

buenas noches, amiguitas!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

before bed

i thought i'd pop back in and say that my mood has improved. had a breakthrough on my winter look, which i really should have seen coming. for the last few weeks, i've been obsessing over shirley manson's character in the sarah connor chronicles. her stylez are all severe, structured dresses with futuristic touches. love it. see?

there's something sort of cruelly refined about it all. i love that her face shows her age and i love her big hair. her character gets more interesting as season two progresses, so if you start watching and think she sucks, give it time.

anyway, i stopped by the sale at's slvr store and picked up some gear that i've had my eye on since the full price days. bought these guys, which i consider to be a more casual version of "ms. weaver, stylish killer robot from the future":

almost bought this bad daddy, but decided against:

will maybe buy later if one of the new purchases doesn't fit. i better make a slow transition between killer robot and my current look which has just been dresses dresses dresses! and the kookier, the better!

well, no mall for me tomorrow. done spent all the fall clothes money i have for the time being!


well, nobody likes to be at home at 10:30 on a saturday night with nothing good to do. especially when somebody thought it was going to be cocktail night. but whatever. sometimes saturdays are disappointments. and i make my own fun.

so i'm just gonna stew around for a little bit and then get on with things. maybe i'll find something arty to do or maybe i'll get ahead in my reading so that sunday is freed up for better things. maybe tennis tomorrow and maybe the local mall (sad as it is) for new sports gear and a pair of jeans. i hate jeans shopping more than i hate bathing suit shopping, you guys. it's hard for a girl with big thighs and a smaller waist! if things fit my waist they have a death grip on the thighs and if jeans fit my thighs, there's a big old gap around my belly. not to mention that none of the fancy jeans help a girl out with this issue. so i'll be trolling around macys looking for trouser jeans soon. siiiiiiiigh. finding some sexy mean looking sports gear should lift my mood tho.

ugh, i don't like my life very much tonight. i wish i had more friends here. i think i'm gonna go sulk for a bit.