Friday, September 18, 2009

you shouldn't let other people get your kicks for you

listening to some bob dylan (i will NEVER get sick of 'like a rolling stone' no matter how overplayed it might be. i think it's just delightful.) and finishing up some grading, and then hopefully out for a few hours before retiring for slumbers.

def need a break from the student papers for a minute tho, so bloggery it is. had a pretty nice and productive day all around -- taught, did dishes, went to greyhouse with pretty baby to work for awhile. while there i enjoyed a nonfat chai latte and graded like a superhero, blasting through 8 papers--leaving only two more to go!

but somehow i feel a mite depressed in the back of my head. what's that about? i don't mind that my weekend involves no big plans; in fact, i kind of like that. class went okay today and i'm all set for monday already. so what gives? i can't put my finger on it, and i don't like that one bit.

to remedy, i will finish those remaining papers and do some cleany type housework. perhaps eliminating some clutter will help with my cloudy horizons.

hope to have something cheerier in the morning!

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