Monday, September 28, 2009

where does all the time go?

i feel like i've been running around all week and yet don't have many stories to tell. there have been gym classes, a pretty awesome martha stewart pasta recipe involving a spinach and pumpkin seed pesto, drinks out on the town, and a ton of grading.

one fun night started out with just me and the raves at bistro for some casual martinis. it ended up with us befriended by noisy, curious strangers and doing irish car bombs. and a shot of patron. and some champagne. then we got invited back to a portly man's apartment but we graciously declined and i walked home to sleep half of sunday away while raven got up for spinning class and some other really too active sounding stuff. lafayette can be a peculiar town when you let it be.

took becketts to the vet on thursday in indianapolis to fix her severe allergy sitch. i think there has been some progress. or maybe i'm just projecting because i spent $320 dollars on a variety of pills and blood tests. crossing fingers that doglet will be less itchy and less molty looking soon. i'm proud of myself that i managed to get her over to the vet, get a hummus sandwich at pita pit, and get home before teaching all while just vaguely hung over from a wednesday night at the sparrow. i guess i have been going out a bit more recently...

also learned that night at the sparrow why i don't like jenga and it's totally valid! in jenga, there is no winner -- there are only non-losers! how can you get invested in a game if the entire goal is not to be successful but to be not-unsucessful? that game is for people who hate themselves. or for people who like to see others fail and then laugh at them. so, i feel totally justified in my dislike. always rather achieve a positive than avoid a negative, right? so face on that, jenga.

tomorrow should be pretty much all sunshine and light over here, as long as i can get it together to work on my job letter and some conference abstracts. i have seriously burning daydreams about heading back to cali, so i'm sure i can find the motivations.

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