Sunday, September 20, 2009

what a full and lovely sunday

ended up with a more action packed sunday than i would have imagined. nice that i'm just showing movies in both my classes tomorrow. so, slept in and then had a leisurely english muffin and almond butter breakfast with my morning internet and cup of caramel tea. then david and headed to greyhouse for a bit where i worked on my job letter and made it almost readable rather than total rubbish.

came home, quick changed, and headed off for some tennis with a couple of english department folks. i had hoped to dominate and squash all contenders with my tennis skill and general aggression feelings, but i won one game and lost two. then it started to rain. but i did feel like i was getting warmed up and starting to remember how to play again; i mean, craps, it's been over a year since i've picked up a racket. gearing up for some consistent sunday tennis now and that makes me happy.

then home for some leftovers for dinner -- a new mahi mahi recipe that involved lots of sauteed onions, white wine, whole wheat croutons, and gruyere (well, recipe called for gruyere but it was way too expensive at storesy the other day so i subbed some parm and swiss and that turned out grand). had it with a lettuce, apple, pecan, and gorgonzola salad. so good!

then to raven's for some tv watching (new jason schwartzman show on hbo -- pretty funny!) and snacking that didn't need to happen but did anyway. had some nice girl time and made gym plans for the week.

swell day all around and now i'm ready for a good amount of asleep time before this looming monday. i'm thinking of all my friends and family tonight and wishing they were closer and wishing them lots of luck in their endeavors this week! it seems like so many people have big things to do. i'll close my eyes with good thoughts for everyone tonight. xx.

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