Thursday, September 3, 2009

still half asleep

man, i'm wiped out and i barely had any work-related responsibilities today.  found out that one of my students has H1N1 which is kinda sucky.  so i'm planning on resting up and coating myself with purell for the rest of the semester.  i am so not interested in getting sick, y'all.

looking forward to closing up the Bread Givers section tomorrow in Great American Books.  they have their first reading response due, and i'm excited to hear what they have to say.  i may be the only teacher that loves reading through those kinds of responses.  i do tho!

anyway, dullsville post i guess.  i have been sneezing up a motherfucking storm and i just feel tired as hell.  feels like allergies rather than a cold/flu type thing.  but i'm putting myself to bed reagrdless.

super major long weekend ahead of me full of plans for relaxin, sunnin, and a little bit of writin.  plus, dinner date with pretty baby on saturday!  totally love those.

back with something slightly more entertaining soon, i promise.

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