Wednesday, September 9, 2009

something sparkly

in the mood for something lovely, like a party or a trip or a special compliment or a new exciting happening.  been working hard and feeling sickly and now i'd like some excitement outside of the classroom, work realm.  gonna try to get something sparkly together soon.

and what should i be for halloween this year?  and can it involve pink crinoline without being little-bo-peepish?  gonna start some planning...

still have gnarly headache, so i think it's time to walk the doglet and head upstairs toward beautiful pillow and cozy bedness.  it is time for this cold to be gone from me so that i might get back to feeling like a human being again -- back to working out, responsible cocktail consumption, and better, less zombie-like teaching abilities.  

bought extraordinary amounts of produce at the grocery today to help out on that healing up front.  then i had mac n' cheese for dinner.  ha.  but it was amy's organic white cheddar and i put steamed brocolli in it AND i had a salad.  

anyway, here's to a clean(er) and happy september.  i'm ready for some excitement!

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