Wednesday, September 2, 2009

sleepy baby

uff, big night out last night really took it out of me.  been sorta zombieish and minorly brain damaged all day as a result.  but it was half off bottles of wine at the sparrow, and it just had to happen.  i also enjoyed their 'diablo' pizza minus the snausage.  it has romesco sauce, red onions and fiery crushed red pepper.  very delish and very much waiting for me in the fridge right now.  

kinda had that hangover euphoria today as the headache started to fade and all felt right with the world.  things are really good all around, i think.  gotta work hard on a few things so as to secure myself employment for next year, but that's fine by me.  i'm really digging my american lit class for reals and i can't wait to teach again on friday.  what a pleasant feeling!  and i'm stoked to do my introductory lecture for kerouac next week.  the 40s and 50s are such a fascinating time period and kerouac is such a crazy mad loon, it makes me all jazz feeling and wanting to tromp around in the wilderness or get dolled up in all black and stay up all night in new york chasing mad musicians around and talking until all hours about life and shit.

but now i'm so sleepy that all i want to do is go curl up in bed with fashion mags and my poochie and a bottle of sparkle water.  and then sleep and sleep and sleep.  man, i can't wait.  my bed is so comfy too.  

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