Friday, September 18, 2009

mucho mejor

closing in on 3 in the a.m. here in lafayette, in. pretty much my ideal bed time.

so the evening picked up. i realized that the sour mood was probably hormonally based--ah yes, the eternally elusive yet so right on time pms. an entire lifetime of this baloney and still i get confused. i should know that when i can't really figure out what's bugging me, it's prolly the premenstrual crankies. extra rage, extra malaise, extra whatever-that-other-french-word-is-that-people-mispronounce, well you know what i mean.

so, unhappiness pinpointed, i graded my last two papers and started on some reading. then texted by the raven (glowing peerless uproarious raven!), donned some liquid black eyeliner, messed up the hair, put on some black clothes and heels and headed to sparrow. enjoyed two ketel one n' sodas (+ healthy squeeze of lime) and chatted with a guy from her dance company whose name escapes me.

starving, i convinced them to go with me to d.t. kirby's where i inhaled a salad sandwich and their frickin magical house-made french fries with their magical house-made ranch. also had to have some ketchups, claro. split a bucket of beers and watched the drunks stumble around and be entertaining. watched the owners holler loud over the clientele, happy and prosperous with their cozy late night bar being the only one in town that serves food til three. their bar stuffed with people gulping beer and knocking back shots and sipping cocktails and crunching sandwiches made me so happy. i love love love the local places doing well and being successful. hope they're raking in the cash money.

so now i'm home after a responsible 4 drink night, content and bellyfull but not overly so. ready for sleep and work and sunshine and a good light run tomorrow at c-bog. happiness regained.

but before turning in, i'm curious to inquire about other drinkers out there. i find that four drinks out is a very lightly tipsy night for yours truly, mostly sober in fact. 6 is tips. 10 is drunk but not sick. more than that hasn't happened for a while, so that's prolly good. but by my calculations, a grad school night out can definitely end a girl up anywhere between 6-10 on any given night. all this bodes well for my liver, i'm sure. so what are your general drink numbers? i've lost all sight of what a "normal" person imbibes.

but i'd say i'm averaging 4-7 for nights out and 0-1 on nights in. positive strides for a girl who used to pride herself on drinking large men under the table.

now i just go for keeping things even. wink.

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Trouble said...

i'd say, any given night of the week, 1-2 drinks. out and about, more like 2. "going out" going out, more like 2-4. i am, in fact, the pansiest of girl drinkers out there. yet, i grimace to see a single night go by without a glass (oh, hell, glass and a half) of wine!