Thursday, September 10, 2009

midnight, stuffed

we've been eating really late dinners recently and tonight was no exception.  sat down with a full plate of food at 10:30pm.  it's like spain all over again but without the beauty and general sexiness.  sigh.  but when breakfast happens at noon and lunch at 5, it's hard not to get hungry again at 10.  it's a little screwy, but it works.  i'm at a happy weight and i was healthy girl all day.  there was oatmeal with blueberries and almond butter for breakfast, veg sandwich for lunch, and dinner was grilled marinated mahi mahi, sweet potato, baked beans, and small salad.  pretty delish all around.

i'm such a creature of habit, it's kind of funny.  i get on food kicks and eat the same thing for weeks on end.  thankfully, pretty baby is like that too and doesn't mind that i've been making the same veg sandwich off and on for like a month now.  if you'd like to meet it, here it is:

it's made of:

- whole wheat arnold's sandwich thin
- 2 tbs. (or less) reduced fat chive and onion cream cheese
- tomato
- cucumber
- black olives
- sprouts
- walnuts
- red onion
- red leaf lettuce
- and sometimes avocado

vegetable sandwich's best friends are baby dill pickles and stacy's pita chips.  and sometimes hummus.  and always an ice cold caffeine free diet coke.  i am really in love with this sandwich.  

but enough abt me and the sandwich.  was a fairly productive girl today, but still have a few things to do before sleep time.  like put the damn clean sheets on the bed.  which i ALWAYS save until i'm tired and don't want to do it but obviously have to do it because there are no sheets on the bed.  (i only have two pairs of sheets and i hate putting a clean pair in the closet because they invariably smell like closet instead of right-out-of-the-dryer sheets and then i get annoyed).  probably this says a lot abt me, but i don't know what.

also should shove more dishes into dishwasher because my favorite little pot is dirty and i don't like to make my morning tea in any other pot.  there are a lot of reasons the little pot is the best one, but i haven't the energy to go into it.

and did you know that i drink tea every morning now instead of coffee?  ever since food poisoning extravaganza in san diego, i have almost no desire for our friend the coffee.  i'm almost sad abt it because i'm a coffee person, god damn it!  tea is for people who like doilies and british shit and things that need to be treated delicately. 

but, argh, i'm a tea drinker now despite myself.  i even bought a double bergamot english breakfast tea yesterday.   isn't it funny when you change right out from under yourself?  i love that people change, it reminds me that anything is possible in this world.  tho i usually prefer to do my changing on purpose.

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