Thursday, September 17, 2009

in the throws of a minor gym obsession

went to another 20/20/20 class today with raven and the instructor was a cute, muscley, gay boy who had lots of rhythm. very fun overall. i am so obsessed with exercising again after my long break from it! i feel sort of ridiculously heavenly in my body right now. it's not all fab or nothin, but all the parts are working well and i haven't even been that tired at the gym lately. i guess i'm just stoked that over 3 weeks off didn't mess me up that much. and (knock on wood or other such superstitious behavior) i've not pulled anything or even overdone it. taking tomorrow off for good measure.

afterwards, i showered and got down with some annie's mac and cheese (to which i added some steamed brocolli and lot's of frank's red hot). not as good as the white cheddar version, but tasty regardless. had a little leftover smoked salmon baguette thing from bistro, but could only choke down so much of it. too fishy and too squishy for me at this juncture in my fish eating. i was waaaay more into the creme fraiche, capers, and other little bits and pieces than i was into the salmonyness. now i'm contemplating poking around for something sweet...

the other parts of my night mostly looked like this:

me, laptop, and bulldog cuddles. i looooooooove my cuddles from beckett. she's pretty cat-like in terms of affection, so the paw and face smashed into my thigh is pretty much all the snuggling i get until it's bed time and then she curls up by my belly and snores big snorey grumbles until morning. poor puppy is still allergy-ridden and losing hair left and right despite a change in her food and a new antihistamine. guess i'll be heading to a bulldog specialist in indy soon to see if he has any new ideas. pobrecita. she's still a happy little monster, so i suppose that's what matters most.

looking forward to the weekend very much, even tho it will involve a lot of grading. i expect that fun and happiness will abound as well.

sleep tight, internets.

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