Wednesday, September 16, 2009

good and good

did a little 20/2o/2o class with raves at the gym today and it was pretty swell. everything seemed to go so fast that all of a sudden it was all done and i'm all tired and sweaty and sore and not bored. so that was cool.

then shower, light dinner, and meet up with several folks at bistro for half-off wine night and snacks. lovely lovely. glad i wasn't the only one who didn't want to wrap up at 9:30 when things seemed to wind down at bistro. several of us wandered the few blocks to sparrow where almost everyone enjoyed the evening special -- sam adams and a shot of bourbon. yes, please. i had one of those and two salty dogs.

finally, at the end there it was raves and win and i who (and i hope i'm representing them appropriately) NEVER want to go home and always want to stay stay stay and have whatever fun it is last forever. we decided to make this last midwestern fall/winter in lafayette the best one and full of adventures: apple orchards, corn mazes, big winter boots and hot buttered rums at the bar. i PROMISE to make this winter a not miserable experience. i have such a hard time here usually because i feel so trapped. and so cold! but adventures will abound.

because this is my LIFE! and i need to find the best things that i can where i am. so adventures to follow. stay tuned!

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