Sunday, September 13, 2009

for reals, now.

it is time to get healthy.  i'm finally over this cold and i'm feeling good and it's time to get the ducks, put them in a row, and make them do turbo kick at the co-rec.  for effing serious.  i'm tired of feeling like i'm one step behind my life and three steps behind my health goals.  i've done well on the class prep front, slightly worse on the dissertation front, and suck balls on the working out front.

all will begin to be remedied on the tomorrow! i did some important things today too like washing the sheets multiple times (beckett had a minor poopcident, very fun to wake up to), washing beckett, doing dishes, planning classes, making comments on student drafts, &c.  

yesterday, i treated myself to a short indy trip in which i shopped my little organic heart out at trader joe's and saw my dress resolve crumble before my eyes at anthro.  but whatevs, it is a very multi purpose kinda dress and it was on sale and then marked down even more b/c of a little mascara stain.  $60.96 instead of $128?  you bet it's gonna happen.  and it's a little orange treasure, see?

not that i look quite like that in it.  add abt three more thighs to this girl's thigh and we're closer.  (sadly, my hair does look like this with some frequency lately.  bummer that the knotty, messy look only works on models.)  also got a whacked out necklace that looks sort of arty 60s.  decided to walk away from several cute but $$$ basics at the j.crew.  winter stuff at full price there is laughable.  $98 for a plainish sweater.  my arse.  and the blazer i crushed on for $188 had cheap-ass buttons and wasn't even properly pressed.  so eff that.  i'll pick it up in a couple months for $69.95.

well, i've hit my money and clothes threshold for a while.  and i swear, i don't want to step in a grocery store even once this week.  tho i stupidly forgot sparkly water, bananas, and diet caffeine free coke on my last run and those are all pretty much daily necessities.  (have gotten myself down to one coke a day, btw).

wore new dress out (along with a cute silver and crystal necklace from the parents) last night to meet up with raves, bk, and win.  had snacks and martinis at bistro and then a couple of beers at knickerbocker before retiring kinda early.  it was mellow all around, but very nice to get out of the house.  i've been feeling sort of shut in and depressed about it lately.  also stopped by k.dee's today for some tea and work time and that was nice.  so super sunny, not a cloud in the sky kind of day here.  

so, looking forward to an energetic and super productive week!  here's to a little less talk and a little more action.

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