Tuesday, September 15, 2009

ah, my body is mine again

finally went to the gym and it was awesome. did a 55 minute cardio kick class that was stuffy, hot, and chock full of people, and i didn't care at all! man, i needed that workout. after being sick for almost two weeks and stressbombed with school prep the week before that, i went waaaaaay too long in between exercising. and when i'm not working out, i'm generally a cranky girl. so yayys for the co-rec. i payed my $45 for the semester and, as far as i'm concerned, the pass has paid for itself so helpful it has already been to the mental health.

came home, vacuumed, showered, and ate the holy hell out of a hummus wrap and some way-too-healthy amy's vegetable soup. hot sauce, parm, and tons of pepper helped, but i'll not be buying that one again. hummus wrap, tho, was everything i thought it could be. one extremely large glass of cab and some sparkly water also played a nice part of dinner. and i made myself have three large waters before the wine so that i can hopefully avoid the post-workout wine headache.

feeling quite happy even though i tossed aside a little work in order to go the gym today. time to get back at it, i suppose. it's the closing days of on the road and the beginning days of the ethnographic profile unit for my respective classes. also in the midst of grading personal response papers and "writing" a job letter which so far has resulted in 5 papers graded and a lot of general staring. time to suck it up and dive back into the fray.

i think i'm going to sleep so very well tonight. i hope you do too.

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