Friday, August 7, 2009

x-treme organization 2009!

trying to get excited about order today, hence the late 90s style title.  i'm not really excited and i'm not really organized, but i did check some stuff of the grand to-do list.  will try to spend the better part of tomorrow settled in at greyhouse to attack the chapter draft and continue with some x-treme life restructuring (oh yeah!).  still not feelin it, i guess.

some plans i made today (both short and long term):  
  • get a draft to my director early next week (pref. monday) 
  • grow my hair absurdly long.  like, so long that people might wonder why a girl would want hair so long.  then, when i'm tired of it, i will cut it all off into a super short bob.
  • transition into mostly organic beauty products
  • keep a better eye on my grocery spending by meal planning and then sticking to a list when i shop.
  • buy a group exercise semester pass when school starts
  • limit my caffeine free diet coke consumption 
  • start doing push-ups and pull-ups and maybe some free weights
  • sometimes make pancakes on the sundays 
  • stop by new breed tattoos next week and see what they can work up for some hand tattoos.  don't have to decide right now, but i want to start the research.
  • try out a schedule for workdays until i find one that suits me
  • keep on top of my medical bills and those insurance f*ckers.  i want to start my MS drugs at the very beginning of the semester.
  • keep up the good work!
i have been a good little do-er lately and i feel super motivated to keep it up and to be relentlessly positive and hardworking in regard to tryin to get a job this fall.  all signs point to THIS IS GOING TO SUCK REALLY BAD AND DEPRESS YOU, but whatevs, signs.  i'm too relentlessly positive and hardworking not to give it the old college try.

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