Friday, August 14, 2009

work, sun, vinho verde

making up for lost pool time was a major goal this week, and i'm happy to report that i was very successful.  also managed to clear up my thinking for a couple work things and (i think) straighten out the organization of chapter one.  a frakking draft of this thing is going to my advisor on monday, no matter what shape it's in.  so it's another working weekend for jb.  but that's fine.  i'm feeling ready to get shit done.

plus, kinda went big last night so i think my out-fix is taken care of.  went to tropicanoe in the late afternoon with raven and then met up with win and bk for light dinner and drinks at the sparrow.  raves and i split an awesome spicy pizza and house salad with bleu cheese and she introduced me to a tasty and affordable kind of white wine i've been meaning to try -- vinho verde.  slightly effervescent and really appley tasting to my no real wine knowledge palate.  but i liked it and i rarely like white wines.  it helped that this guy wasn't sweet at all; i hate the sweet.  and the bottle was so pretty!  see?

the tiny pic doesn't really do it justice, but you get the idea.  aveleda fonte is its name -- at only $16 at the bar, it must be a real steal in the regular store.  

after dinner we went back to bk's and watched the grey gardens with drew barrymore who did a seriously stunning job of playing little edie.  really, she just channeled that crazy broad.  i enjoyed parts of the movie, but i get so sad when i think of how things worked out for them.  i hate to think of the limited opportunities for women back then and i also hate to watch movies where people just float along, resigned.  also, creepy dependent relationships fuh-reak me out.  it's just a hard movie for me to deal with i think.  confusing.  tho slightly happier than the documentary.

the last few days have been all very summersy, which is terrific.  gotta soak it up!  school is just around the corner.

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