Tuesday, August 4, 2009


fell off the blog wagon there for a while.  all good over here tho.  too much good to blog abt all at once maybe.  there was the all girl 'estrofest' party at adryan's that featured too much wine for yours truly and lot of tasty vegetarian snacks and a party game of questions and answers that i was actually really interested in.  

then there was a WILD night on the town for payday friday involving unnecessary pizza (good tho! brocolli and crushed red pepper seems like something that would suck, but oddly does not), EXCESSIVE cocktail consumption and a rotating group of people moving in and around a nice round table at the sparrow.  it was one of those nights where i had to have someone do my math for me.  my numbers aren't so good at 3am anyway, and i started the evening with my two best grad school buddies, jamison and guinness.  there were also a few scenes and some not-so-cool things happening by the end, but we all emerged alive so that's something.

on saturday there was vowing never to do that again (at least not that ferociously, sabes?) and lounging and a tiny amount of work.  sunday was tropicanoe for floating and sunshine with raven, brian, and win and then a spur of the moment bbq at raven's place which was very nice overall.  

now it's wednesday again and i've a mind to get to some writing.  i'm gonna be on that bright and early tomorrow, so off to bed.  

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