Tuesday, August 18, 2009

up for air

school prep time is upon me and i feel suffocated already!  had a brief wisp of romance while buying office supplies and ordering books, but that's done gone.  it was a total clusterfuck on campus today and that sucked the wind from my sails.  nothing like a crowd of sweaty 18 yr old knuckleheads and their knucklehead parents to make a teacher loll her eyes back into her head and then faceplant into bottle of cabernet.

i do love teaching tho and once i wrap up these syllabi and get my course reader in order, it'll be whatevs.  back to business.  summer kinda sucked a lot anyway.  i might get new tattoos to commemorate getting through it all.  i'm going to do some more research this week, so we'll see.  i've already got a lead on a promising local tattoo artist!  not many people i know approve of the idea and those who do i suspect of just wanting something different to happen.  don't give a shit tho.  i'm so tired of living my life caring about what people think of my decisions.  if i don't get an academic job b/c i have some cursive letters on my hands, no big.  a job like that would most likely be miserable anyway.  so i'm sorta at the end of my rope, but i'm happy i'm alive and i have a stir crazy wild ragey feeling inside that means i'm going to do something mildly socially inappropriate.  might as well be tattoos.

plus, kat von d has some new tattoo concealer at sephora. wink.

alright.  back down in it.  

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