Wednesday, August 5, 2009


had a beautiful, spontaneous dinner at bistro 501 tonight with pretty baby.  we got back from a nice sunshine run at celery bog and i had the out-urge.  we haven't been to a nice dinner in over a month and i just had that feeling.  sometimes a nice dinner out is just sublime and i knew that after a hard run, the best thing ever was gonna be a cool shower, a cute dress, and a little treat.  i was soooo right.

so we walked the couple of blocks to fifth street, settled in by the big front window and found out that it was half-price bottles of french wine night.  yes, please.  we chose a larose-trintaudon bordeaux.  then i had a mixed green salad with house-made bleu cheese dressing and blackened salmon with wilted spinach and pommes frites. effing excellent.  helped that i was starving, too, i guess.

got some craps done at school today too, so it was another solid day.  fit in three of my end-of-summer goals -- exercise, work, and funs.  (the other goals are sunshine and healthies, both of which i sorta worked in today but not fully).  i like my end of summer goals; they're serving me well!

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