Thursday, August 6, 2009

restraint is not my middle name

if you know me, you probably know that my personal motto might as well be one more is always a good idea.

this motto has made for a lot of fun and a lot of memories and is something i inherited willingly from both my father and my mother (tho they express the sentiment in their own unique and spirited ways).  overdoing it has always seemed like part of the fun of things to me.  if something is good or fun or tasty, i pretty much ALWAYS want (and end up having) one more.  

i am rarely the girl who goes home early and i am definitely not the kind of girl who can watch one episode of lost and move on to more productive things.  i watch three god damed discs or something until it's 5 in the morning and i've eaten enough candy to kill a small child.

one more is a part of my character that i enjoy (despite the extra 5 pounds i'm usually toting around on my ass) and i secretly think the restraint folks are boring and prudish and wouldn't know a good time if it rode up in sparkly pasties and goosed them with a harry potter wand.  

but it's your twenties that are for figuring out your own brain and learning to love yourself how you are and appreciating the various sides of yourself, regardless of how uncomfortable they might make your mother, roommate, grandma, etc.   

your thirties, tho, are for being the best version of yourself.  thirties are for dealing with all the problems you discovered you had in your twenties.  i learned in my twenties that i often enjoy the company of bartenders, that i have a weakness for cocktail dresses, and that frozen pizza is actually a culinary treat.  but all i've really done in my thirties is to stop dating bartenders (thanks to some sage advice from mums).  it's time to pick up the slack on the other stuff, like borderline reckless spending on a grad student budget (yeah, i have a $300 lucite chair just because i love it. i will have that forever, though, btw.) and drinking myself into the relatively frequent two day hangover.

moral is that it's time to reign it in.  at least a tiny.

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