Sunday, August 30, 2009

half wine drunk watching gossip girl

was how i spent a good portion of my weekend.  happily.  also cuddled up with a couple home magazines and just felt good and relaxed all around.  week one was, generally speaking, a success.  i did let myself relax for most of the weekend tho, so it's up early tomorrow to make sure that week two is equally positive.  yeah, tomorrow's gonna hurt a little bit.  do-able though and well worth the emotional ease of the weekend.

not much else to go over.  my quest to have absurdly long hair is going well.  i'm having some trouble fighting the urge to buy fall clothes. really, the weather was all mid 60s autumnal this weekend and the most recent j.crew catalogue is full of lovely little quirky basics.  i think i might go with some kind of slouchy menswear vibe this fall. i did an embarrassing thing today that i'm willing to admit publicly, in all blog-honesty.  i put my favorite ripped out pages of recent magazines into a folder which i labeled 'fall look.'  yeah, i did it.  it's lame.  but the other folder i have labeled 'inspirations' is overflowing with stuff!  (which is good, i think).  

currently, i'm obsessed with some weird stuff.  usually, i love really wacky plates, dishes, cups, etc. the more colorful and weird, the better.  but lately i can't stop using (and sort of hiding away so that pretty baby might be compelled to choose other things) my pristine all white stuff from crate & barrel.  a big mug with an elegant handle, in particular.  i'm in love with it.  and a big white bowl that is the perfect size.   

i'm obsessed with the idea of one day having a ruby ring.  but not the gaudy really red kind of rubies; i want the hot pink kind and i want it to be sort of organic looking and not all precise.
i can't wait until i am old and retired and have long grey hair that i can wear in a bun because that's when i'm going to have a greenhouse and do the serious gardening that i don't yet know how to do.  

other obsessions: greek yogurt, arnold's sandwich thins, lindt's 'chili' chocolate, gossip girl, nash bridges, dexter, sandwiches with a pickle on the side, garden salsa flavored sunchips.

okay, now i'm hungry and i want to watch tv, but i need to finish my martha stewart mag and look at my lecture/discussion plans for tomorrow.  (oooh, check out the spread on martha's houseplants in the september issue.  her table full of cacti and other succulents got my little interiors heart racing!).

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