Sunday, August 23, 2009

grey skies for miles

the sundayest of sundays is back again and i have the blues.  touch of a hangover from salty dogs and several glasses of wine didn't help much either.  plus, i was so stoked to go lounge my hangover away at the pool that i slathered sunscreen and put on bikini before i even looked out the window.  grey skies for miles, people.  but i kept my bathers on until 6pm, just in case because i'm a hopeful girl.

no luck.  now i'm staring down the first day of school and feeling a little grim about it.  i had some big plans about writing a list of positives and resolutions for the new semester, but i'm having problems in the mustering department.  i just feel the weight on me.  see my pretty horizon crowded with hard-work clouds and no-fun clouds.  okay, i better make a looking forward to list, at least.  otherwise i might cry on my trustworthy compy.

(right after i cry abt how far behind i am.  sob.)

- group exercise classes are free for the first two weeks!  i'm gonna get so strong and fit this semester and i don't even care if i end up looking a little beasty. it's time to work it out!

- i'm going to teach like a monster rockstar dragon jujitsu style beacon of excitement and knowledge and happiness.  and i'm gonna add another teaching award to the list.

- i have heartburn. stupid hummus wrap. stupid too much booze last night.

- i will finish my PhD this year.  i might not have a job, but i have friends who will put up a sexy out of work doctor, right?  

- i'm gonna cook up a storm.  shrimp is next on my list of things to integrate into my diet.

- and i'm going to take advantage of 1/2 price wine nights at sparrow and bistro FOR SURE.  i'm going to budget a little more money towards going out to eat.  it makes me happy, and i usually have enough leftovers to feed me for another night anyway.  worth it.

- i'm going to find that dinners out money by cutting back on clothes spending.  i have plenty of frickin clothes.  so don't let me tell you that i need a new cocktail dress.  i don't.

- i do need new boots tho for winter.  tall ones.  that are leather and sexy.

- with schedule going back to normal, i'll have time to talk to my friends and family more.  i miss them, the friends and family!

- i'll start planning the arizona girl reunion trip b/c planning is fun and so are girlfriend trips.

- i'll chill the fuck out abt finding a job this year.  focus energy on making all of my work really good and making myself an excellent job candidate.  nobody wants to hire the half-asser who just threw things together in a mad rush to make the deadline.

- i'll study at coffeeshops more this semester.  it feels good to be out of the house and to be surrounded by the warm hum of people chatting and studying.


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