Monday, August 24, 2009

first day butterflies

still get em.  totally had them today, but once i started talking i was fine.  both my classes look like they'll be fun, tho my 106 folks looked sorta obliterated.  but by 2:30pm on yr first day of college, who wasn't a pile of stressed out, confused mush?  i thought one or two of them might start crying.  but that will go away soon enough and they won't be so freaked out about writing.  then they'll start oversleeping for their 2:30pm class.  again, tho, who doesn't sometimes need to sleep until 3:00pm on a weekday?  i think it's my internal 18 yr old that makes me an effective teacher.  wink.

anyway, i am also completely exhausted even tho i did little more than take roll and go over the syllabus with each class.  got organized around the office and around the house and did some much needed vacuuming.  and took out the trash. and did dishes.  and washed the sheets.  and called my MS med peeps and my mom.  so, that's enough actually to make a girl tired.  

last night i had two nightmares IN A ROW about missing the first day of class.  funny how decidedly un-mysterious dreams can be sometimes.  it's like sometimes yr psyche can't even handle symbols.  hoping for less fitful slumbers tonight.

until tomorrow, then!  with eyes set gleaming toward the weekend, i bid goodnight.

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