Sunday, August 9, 2009

clean and press

sadly, a writing free day over here.  got plenty other stuff done tho, so i'm not sweating it.  vacuumed, submitted a fafsa (didn't want to take out loans next year, but with this added medical biz, i don't see how else to swing it), organized lots of paper work, and learned how to do some free weight stuff.  i am now the proud owner of clean and press skillz.  yeeeeah.  i'm gonna be a muscular phd by the end of may, friends.  maybe an unemployed one, but that's what m&d are for, right?

also did some pushups and, let's be honest, one pull up.  those fuckers are hard!  and i did little girl pushups, not the big girl kind.  but i really like this simple, bare bones workout stuff.  totally hooked on the whole dumbbell thing now too.  there are little parts involved like clamps and a whole routine and preciseness to it all that's sort of intoxicating.  i want to be as strong as i can now, and pushing those weights up over my head felt good.  i want to conjure the high school jen in this regard, the more physical and badass one.  i want to shove this current pansy-er version out of the way, especially before i start getting a monthly iv-drip of immune system suppressing drugs.  i don't feel scared of MS very often, but when i do it's abt feeling worse after i start the meds.  i feel so good and healthy now that the idea of getting sick more often and feeling side effects freaks my shit out.  but only sometimes.

feeling good now tho and not scared.  looking forward to getting at that writing tomorrow and looking forward to making some mahi mahi and some mediterranean vegi pasta tomorrow night.  and calling my mother, because i miss her and because she threw a party i still haven't heard abt.

xxx goodnight!

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