Tuesday, August 11, 2009

a big old tired piece of lead

is how i felt for most of today.  got myself up early after not enough sleep and i've been dragging ass ever since.  i tried healthy oatmeal breakfast, i tried energizing green smoothie, i tried bunch o' vegetables dinner and not a stitch of energy all day.  nothing makes up for a good night's sleep.  so i'm going to do a little bit more work so i don't feel entirely unproductive and then i am going to put my face into my tempurpedic pillow and not wake up til the a.m.  

here's one of my new favorite breakfasts.  it's quaker weight control (terrible name, quaker!  terrible name!) banana bread-flavored oatmeal with blueberries, a tbsp of raw almond butter and a pellegrino:

and here's the before salad shot (and, yeah, i'm not the only person eating all this):

still managed to make myself a tremendously large salad:

and LOVED IT LIKE CRAZY.  taco salad night rocks.  there's a lot of chopping and washing of veg, but in the end it's well worth it.  simple dressing of light sour cream and pace medium salsa. (if you were a vegan, i'm sure something involving lime juice would be super tasty as well.)  2% cheddar and organic blue corn tortilla chips also got involved. i love this salad very much because you can eat 5 pounds of it and manage to keep full but not feel too stuffed.  i think the dairy and chips and guac keep it from being too sterile and a little of those guys goes a long way.

well, tomorrow is a full day of running, studying, and hopefully lounging in the sunshine, so i'm off to complete my night.  plus, there's still an episode of dexter left to watch and we all know that a little bit of tv on dvd is completely necessary for general mental health.


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