Monday, July 20, 2009

why i'll never really be a food blogger

b/c today went like this: a tasty breakfast of whole wheat english muffins, pb and banana and a cup of caramel vanilla tea.  then a pre-dinner app of these guys:  

a handful of mary's gone crackers, my favorite hummus variety available in lafayette ('fountain of health' -- terrible name, hummus people), a mini pelle and a glass of trapiche malbec.  these snacks kept me company while i made this for dinner:

grilled swordfish with some special cuban spice-rub and green salad with cherry tomatoes, feta, and homemade citrus-herb vinaigrette.  vinaigrette also went on the fish too.  had another glass of malbec, some toasted sourdough with olive oil/garlic/balsamic for dipping.  yum.

then i decided i needed to have this special treat purchased at the local blockbuster:

yup, all that organic health shit goes right out the window when jb spots new weird ass gummy candy.  it's a kazoozles!  it's pink lemonade with cherry squish filling!  here's a close up of the little charmer:

i find that a pink lemonade kazoozle pairs quite nicely with a mini pellegrino.  highly recommended, if you happen to be at the blockbuster on the corner of 26 and 52.  99 cents!  love it.

did i ever tell you that i dream abt gummy candy with some frequency?  i really do.  usually there are a million different kinds of candies everywhere and i'm so happy because i have my choice of all sorts of colors and flavors and chewiness consistencies.  i think the colors are the best part.  

on a related note, i had a very pretty dream on friday in which i was sitting down to watch a movie with pretty baby and in front of us was a table full of pink popcorn and we both had purple sodas in tall glasses with fushia straws.  so do some freud on that shit and get back to me.  i'd love to know why snack food glows and shimmers in my dreams.


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