Wednesday, July 29, 2009

wednesday wednesday good times

had a thoroughly nice day today with all manner of treats and surprises.  i'm going to list them because i feel TIRED and i don't want to make full SENTENCES that go together and stuff.

- new dress came in the mail and fits!  it's a size frickin 4 (not a normal size for me).  the dress has a very sweet scoop neck and reminds me of audrey hepburn.

- dropped by my office at school to affix some pictures to my walls and to arrange some seashells i snagged from sarah's wedding and to leave, casually sitting on my desk, a peacock feather from a ciana/russell good health package.  only awesome teachers have peacock feathers hanging out in their offices.

- i got an award for being rated in the top 10% of instructors for intro to composition (spring semester)!  this means my students gave me high ratings, which i always appreciate.  those little f*ckers can be merciless too, so i'm not taking my nice ratings for granted.

- on my way to my office with my bag full of seashells and peacock feathers, a gentleman stuck his head out of his van window to say a very distinct 'amaaaaaazing' in my direction.  wha?  there was definitely leering, so i'm gonna just take him as a dude who likes chunky thighs.  i'm not gonna lie, i'm totally flattered when strangers make weird sexy comments at me (as long as i don't have to be close to them and/or isolated).  i spent long enough as a bookworm and a tomboy that i adore being seen as a piece of meat.  no lies.  it's a treat.

- i went for a nice run in the sunshine with pretty baby at celery bog.  the only bad thing was that my ipod pooped out, like, two mins into my run.  lame.

- i went to k.dee's and drank some iced coffee and organized chapter one of dissertation.  progress!

- i got my avocate organic skin care in the usps box today!  hurrah!  get ready for glowing avocado skin.  or something.

see how nice it was, this day?  after all that i handmade some whole wheat pizza and drank some malbec and ate some spicy chocolate and watched innerspace on the dvd.  this may be the only movie in the entire history of the world in which martin short is at all tolerable.  but dennis quaid is adorable and meg ryan has short and crunchy 80s hair that could only be cute on meg ryan.

now to sleeps and tomorrow to party with ladies only at adryan's estrofest.  i'm bringing hummus, tzatziki, things to dip therein, and sunshine and happiness.  on friday i get PAY-ED.  then i'll be sitting pretty drinking salty dogs in the warm summer air.  

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