Saturday, July 25, 2009

undoing the overdoing

so yesterday, my first official day of summer, fell exactly one month before school starts and i have vowed to make the most of every day i have left.  i think, though, that i may have made too much of yesterday.  super fun tho.  went to tropicanoe with raven and floated on the lazy river in my navy and white jc penney bikini and my red anthro sunglasses and watched the cute young inner tube wranglers throw inner tubes around.  then we went to d.t. kirby's and drank bud lights (not usually my style, but light beer is always in order after a lot of floating and sunshine) and i had a vegi burger and fries.  glorious.  i had one of those summer moments -- raven in her kelly green terrycloth playboy bunnyesque onesie, me with sunny face and rumply hair and still damp bikini, drinking yellow beer and feeling just entirely relaxed.  then shower and nap until out again around 11 for cocktails and dancing at the black sparrow. 

this part of the evening featured AMAZING bust out dancing by raven (still in kelly green onesie) and winship who are some kind of dancing extravaganza team.  i like dancing, for sure, but i can never seem to cut loose quite like the two of those do.  there were jutting arms, humping gestures, spins, hopping, 80s moves, crazy flashing hands and general silliness with deadpan straight face.  loved it.  then we were drunk and i was starving so at 1:3o, in major downpour, there was a run back to d.t. kirby's where i ate a salad sandwich and french fries.  oh god man, i can't even remember the last time i ate french fries twice in one day.  just gross.  bad jenny.

today i was remarkably un-hungover but in the throws of a wretched two-sets- of-french-fries-yesterday guilt.  so i went running at c-bog with pretty baby and did a maje healthy grocery shop to gear up for a week of exercise and studying.  really, i bought half of target's produce section.  this week's menu includes (but is not limited to) mahi mahi fish tacos, spinach quesadillas and spicy black bean soup, homemade caesar salad, homemade pizza, and whole wheat banana blueberry muffins (or bread maybe, since i don't actually have muffin tins) for breakfasty type food.  and, hey, i put some left over pineapple in my veg stir fry the other day and loved it very much.  

but i'm feeling terribly positive, even though i didn't make it out to study as i had hoped.  i'm putting that first on the list tomorrow.  really excited actually to work hard and have fun for the rest of summer.   i'm really excited for morning to come.  which is a sentiment not often felt around these parts.

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