Sunday, July 5, 2009

uff ate too much snacks

it has really been naughty kitty times since that july 3rd night out.  for reals.  been healthy through most of the day time and then sun goes down and it's time for snacks and cookies.  doesn't help that "because it's a holiday!" i bought some special pepperjack + jalepeno cracker spread/dip thing, pita chips, and cookies yesterday.  i tried a couple new recipes that sounded way better than they tasted -- cuban style seared sea bass and a lemon/herb quinoa with asparagus, red pepper and zucchini.  the quinoa came out okay, i guess (tho kinda bland), but man i do not dig the sea bass.  blech.  

so tomorrow another monday rolls around (yikes! where is my summer going?) and i'm doing the starting over thing again.  looking forward to cardio blast with awesome adam and maybe a black bean burger with avo at dinner time.  add in some work and some bureaucratic whatevers and there's a pretty standard monday.  i need some more light and joy up in this bitch.  will try to schedule that for sometime tomorrow.  perhaps between 'call neuro-ophthalmologist' and 'call financial aid dept.'  


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