Wednesday, July 1, 2009


new game for two people: find a partner who likes words.  one person comes up with a suffix (and keeps it to him/herself) and the other comes up with a word.  the word person says his/her word and then the suffixer tacks on the suffix.  my favorite words were sparkle-tician, firefly-icious, and petticoat-icity.  i think we all know who was picking out the word parts of those ones.  anyway, i bet that would be a good game for kids.  even tho they prolly wouldn't want to think of the suffixes, they could help define the words that you come up with together.  

today was mostly house cleaning, tiny baby amounts of work, and then a nice homemade caesar and some seared cajun-rubbed cod.  everything turned out awesome and dad's new caesar recipe fits nicely with my healthier vibe.  not that it's really that healthy, but whatever, i can't live without that caesar.  homemade croutons are also where it's at.

the new caesar:

1 clove garlic
5 drops worcestershire sauce (sp?)
1 raw egg
juice of one lemon (1/2 if you like it less tart) 
1 big handful freshly grated parm
several good turns of black pepper
1/4 cup light olive oil

i put everything but the parm and oil into my blender and gave it a quick buzz.  then dropped in parm and buzzed again, slowly pouring in the olive oil.  damn hell yeah.  there will be a second caesar tomorrow with the leftover dressing.

now i'm going to go eat some big squishy gourmet gumdrops from whole foods (they look like my dreams!) and work a little before bed.  


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