Wednesday, July 1, 2009

it's harder for a disability to hit a moving target than a sedentary one

another motto to put down under 'summer motto' list.  that one comes from margaret blackstone who is teaching me (via book) abt getting through yr first year of being diagnosed with MS.  so far a helpful and interesting book that has a very positive tone.  i have learned, though, that i'm not allowed to read the MS book before bed.  the list of common symptoms alone kept me up for an extra hour.  i don't even want to think abt the guy who fell out of his bed b/c the whole left side of his body was pretty much paralyzed (but he got better! says maragaret blackstone. and he only has to use a cane sometimes!)  whatever.  not night time reading is all.

visited gym again today and did some work and watched some telly and ate some caesar and some spinach quesadilla.  i just benedryled myself in the hopes that i can actually fall asleep before 5am tonight.  let's cross our fingers.  because i want tomorrow to be fab worker bee day with writing, grocery shopping, crazy ball class at the gym, and maybe cocktails.  margaret blackstone hasn't said a peep abt the booze consumption.  and i haven't gone index looking either.  i'm not gonna lie -- the liquors and i don't want to break up.  

things i really like right now that strike me as kind of odd:

'mary's gone crackers' flax seed crackers 
those mini bottles of pellegrino
larabars in cashew cookie or cherry cobbler
'lighthouse' mild thai peanut dressing
season four of prison break (it sux! but i can't stop!)
calcium and vitamin d gummy bears
chai tea with vanilla flavored almond milk
taking out the trash (but only when someone else has left the dumpster lid flung open)
eagerly awaiting the arrival of my posture helper device/strap/brace gig

man i am a dork these days, non? 

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