Saturday, July 4, 2009

independence day eve

had a couple of nice days in a row -- went for a run yesterday and FAR exceeded what i thought i could do and what i have done in the past.  really, i was very surprised.  i don't know if you run, cuz i don't really, but i've noticed that if i go past that first really tired part i can often run waaaay more than i expected.  i was very nicely surprised that all that hoppy around gym stuff actually translated into the real physical exertion of running.  i think i'm now (as i'm writing) identifying a weird dichotomy i have between 'gym work' and 'real work.'  turns out, if you're moving around enough to get winded and sore, it will translate.  somehow bouncing around to thriller and umberalla-ella-ella-ella doesn't mentally sync up with the general hurts that are running for me.  seems cheap or something.  i think i have some mental readjusting to do.

went for cocktails tonight with the inimitable raven and the ever-charming winship.  lovely overall.  we shared some overgreasy tempura and drinks while raves got super flirted with by a waiter who i thought was super gay.  who knew?  prolly still gayyyyy tho; i'm rarely wrong.  anyway, lovely night out and now i'm making some frozen whole wheat roated veg pizza in the oven to deal with my drunk munchies and thinkin

"health is determined primarily by personal responsibility, self-value, and reverence for life" -- dr. edward a. taub.   

you know it.

and reverence for life means grey goose soda, vegi tempura, n gossiping just as much as it means running my ass off at celery bog.


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