Saturday, July 11, 2009

forgot to say too

that there was a rockin girl sleepover the other night at raven's new place.  there were greyhounds to drink and tecate to drink and some other concoctions to drink.  chinese food to eat.  cable telly to watch and general chatting and fun.  i maybe drank more than i should have...but i desperately needed that night.  so, even if i had to pay for it for most of friday, it was well worth the headache.  plus, beckett got to come with.  and it was her birthday!  can you believe b's 10 years old now?  nutballs.  i'll have to write a happy 10th birthday beckett post soon with some photos.  tonight after we finished eating the swordfish experiment dinner, she crawled between bf and i and took a nap.  she never does that and it was super cute -- snores and all.  

here's to having sweet puppy dogs in our lives!  they make everything better.

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