Tuesday, July 7, 2009

fine day but now i'm kind of blue

so today was mostly lounging and reading and spending time with the bf.  but now it's one in the a.m. and i haven't done as much as i would have liked.  did finish another iris murdoch novel that my director insisted that i read.  and it has plenty of dissertation appropriate info, tho a little bit wrenches up my chapter two argument.  but seeing as i was never really convinced that i was right, this is probably for the best.  

my life feels a bit stuck and i need to be the one to unstick it.  looking forward to undoing some ruttish patterns of behavior starting now.  for one, i shall put myself to bed soon and for two, i shall not obsess over what others have planned for tomorrow and will just set to making my own have plans.  the plans include a fair share of work, either a run at celery bog or a trip to cardio blast (but wednesday girl is so dullsville!  monotone and slow voice: 'and heel kicks' pause 'and grapevine' pause' and 'and lunges.'  blah.)  so maybe a run with the new mos def (track 6 is my favorite!).  also looking forward to some trader joe's cornbread (also a favorite) and some of their organic vegetarian chili.  hope i can also stop by to see raven's new place and maybe help her unpack some stuff.  soooo excited to have her downtown, closer to me and closer to bars!

since our last outing, i have been craving a salty dog.  decent gin + fresh grapefruit juice + salted rim + lime wedge + dash of peach bitters.  that will also happen somewhere in my near future.


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