Sunday, July 26, 2009

can't sneak up on me, monday

ready for the week to begin over here at nobeckettno. tonight ate up some mahi mahi tacos, asi:

and here are my little condiments, asi:

they are 1) chopped red cabbage with rice vinegar, salt and pepper 2) avocado cream (avocados, lime juice, salt, pepper, sour cream) and 3) just yr regular salsa.  pretty damn good, all around.  

i'm really not sure where the rest of my day went.  did a little work, got a little organized, made a green smoothie, did some laundry. now it's 2am and i'm like whuuuuuuut, where did it all go?

but i'm ready like gangbusters for a good week of working, exercising, and funning it up around town.  i know i keep saying that -- it just helps me get it all sunk in if i repeat myself.  the big plans tomorrow are:

- over to campus to drop some stuff off at office (and then promptly run away)
- k.dee's for study time outside in the real world instead of in cave-apartment
- either 20/20/20 or cardio blast at the gym
- caesar salad with left over mahi mahi for dinner

optional things include trip to indy for a much-needed trader joe's stop (out of protein powder AND raw almond butter?  oh no!) or over tropicanoe for some sunshine and chlorinated water.  i've really got to go nine more times to get my money's worth for the summer pass.  and you better believe i'll get that money's worth, a golden tan, and a summer's supply of relaxin to boot.

so, there, monday.  i've got yr number.   

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