Thursday, July 23, 2009

boring thursday

ran, vacuumed, tidied the apartment, made some vegetable stir fry, read instyle magazine.  i HATE that magazine.  why do i read it?  every month i'm bored by it and yet i still buy it.  stupid.  i'm skipping next month for sures.  i just miss domino and it's like domino broke up with me and i keep hooking up with lesser magazines and then just feel dirty and bored afterwards.  i just have to hold out for a magazine that's worth my time.  no more slumming it with stupid old conservative, showing me clothes that cost too much money, featuring lame hollywood parties that i couldn't care less about, ARTLESS stupid old instyle.  it's over.  you have no style and no soul, instyle.  you're ARTLESS.

okay, you know it's been a boring day when you rant abt a fashion mag.  the run was good and so was the stir fry.  the vacuuming was needed, especially since beckett has her typical becketty summer allergies and is leaving chunks of fur around.  gross.  

i am neeeeeeeeeding a cocktail, something fruity or sparkly or in a pretty glass.  i want to put on a dress and makeup and go OUT!  and i want a fancy sandwich.  and this skincare line called avocate. (i think i might buy a few or their things b/c i'm out of my sugar scrub and out of my nice undereye circle stuff.  it's money i'd be spending no matter what, right?).

time to tuck myself in, i'm all over the place.  buenas noches, mamacitas.

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