Thursday, July 16, 2009

better, better

had a couple nice days in a row here.  yesterday was a fairly lazy one involving little work and a decent amount of kitchen time.  made my very own whole wheat pizza from a recipe on .  I'm definitely digging the food sites these days, especially the healthy livin inspired ones.  so here's a pic of the pizza which was totally delicious and actually very simple to make:

anyone who reads this blog prolly already saw pix on facebook, but whatever.  this blog is just as much for me as for anyone else, kinda like a slightly more edited journal.  so the above pizza guy involved spinach, basil, garlic, parm, ricotta, and mozz.  was pretty super yum.  also made another that had pineapple bits and red onion.  was even more yum, prolly b/c it has less greenery.  bf and i watched angel heart a mickey roarke 80s movie that was CREEPY and left me feeling a little queasy.  it certainly had my attention tho.

today i worked and ran at c-bog (yay for me!) and when i got home all i had the energy for was this guy:

morningstar black bean burger (cooked super long in the oven cuz a mushy veg burger is one of the gnarliest things ever), extra sharp white cheddar, tomato, pickle, red onion, lettuce on an arnold's sandwich thin (love those things, really).  enjoyed some mary's gone crackers and some stacy's pita chips, and then a few dark chocolate squares for sweet tooth.

now to more work, some chai, and maintaining my current good attitude.  overall, i think i'm doing really well with the MS diagnosis, but (if you haven't noticed), i'm not always the most aware of my own feelings.  which is scary.  faking tough to yr own self is not really a recommended behavior.  anyway, my moods are kinda all over the place and i'm trying to get a handle on myself rather than being a stupid represser.  at some point i certainly internalized the WASPy creed of 'don't make mistakes'/'never cry in front of people'/'just have a martini.'  getting more real with myself is a major life goal.

but you know, kai perfume oil comes in the ups tomorrow and i gotta be ready for it.  :)  just doing some emotional prep work for the new phase that i'm starting (which involves remaining positive while being absolutely honest with myself and others).  

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