Tuesday, July 14, 2009

art, beauty, hummus wraps

another work day full of practically nothing other than work.  siiiighs.  if i felt i were getting somewhere, that wouldn't be half bad.  in happier news, there were hummus wraps inspired by here and really awesome tzatziki also inspired by there.  target grocery in lafayette even has greek style yogurt!  (fage, it's called.  under the stonybrook farms organic, if you're looking).  things are getting so cosmopolitan in indiana, really.

thought a lot today abt how my happiness is very much proportional to the amount of art and beauty in my life.  how do i let myself forget that?  seems i have to remind myself monthly not to let these things fall out of my days.  i don't forget exercise and i don't forget good food or wine or a night out on the town.  i don't forget the power of an especially fun dress either, i suppose.  but while a fun dress is fun, it is not Beauty with cap B or Art with the cap A.  i need nature beauty like the beach or mountains or even cornfields at twilight when the air smells sweet and clean.  i need urban beauty like skyscrapers, neon, or the crowded small buildings on windy europe streets.  being shut up in an apartment with only one window (albeit a big one) is not enough, no matter how many sets of string lights i hang.

need live music, need people who create actual stuff.  words and books will always be the loves of my life, but they make me crazy too.  i get too wrapped up in them.

okay, well, thanks reader for enduring another post about what is wrong with my life as i have it.  writing these issues out really does help me.  i always feel better afterwards.

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