Wednesday, July 22, 2009

are you ready for the sex girls?

finished a project this morning and rewarded myself by sleeping most of the day and then lazing about drinking wine and sparkling water all night.  ate some frozen organic pizza, desserted on some super dark chili chocolate that was spicy and delicious!  also watched the last american virgin -- 80s boob movie extraordinaire!  man, the 80s enjoyed their topless ladies.  and real boobs too in this one, not the scary contemporary fake boobs that look like they're bolted on.  anyway, the movie really did some unexpected things and kept my interest for sures.  the 80s really are a fascinating decade.

not much else to report today.  back on the fitness track tomorrow, gonna catch up with some medical bureaucracies (can't wait!), maybe gonna park myself at a cafe to write for a while.  mostly looking forward to a good run outside with my newly discovered love of fugazi (whaaaat? she says.  who knew?  love it.)  

i must have been approved for the MS drug i want to go on (tysabri) b/c yesterday i got a big box full of tysabri gear and information.  got a tote bag and blanket along with a list of warnings and side effects.  score.  not really looking forward to hearing abt what the out of pocket is on this guy, but it's the newest and has the best effectiveness rate, so i'm all over it.  i think i'll probably use my blog to journal abt taking it, the side effects, etc.  my MS book told me to be careful abt how i talk abt my diagnosis in public, but i figure what the hell, right?  plus, this baby is gonna go private when i go on the job market anyway.  

now i'm heading in the direction of my comfy bed with the pretty sheets.  gonna grab a magazine, my dog, and a bottle of pellegrino before i go cuddle up for the night. 

(picture from lolita modeblogg, loveable!)

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