Wednesday, June 3, 2009

west, wester

up at 6am tomorrow to head towards san diego for sarah's motherfucking wedding!  woohoo!  i don't know when all my friends grew up and left me as the sole emotional 19 year old, completely content as a girlfriend.  seriously, i just figured out how to be a good girlfriend and i love it.  all of the commitment and none of the shared bank account.  wifedom is still a ways off for yrs truly.  probably just some weird hangups that have more to do with wanting to avoid suburbia than being scared of the commitment part. 

looking with maje forwardness to the beach, to cocktails snuck into the beach area, to a wedding by the beach, and to frolicking in the ocean waters (even if they're arse cold).  my commitment to the ocean is unparalleled, people. 

enjoyed a hot and spirited hike with parents this morning, returned home to make another green smoothie (forgot to mention that the juice of one lime also goes into the blender), swam for like 10 seconds and then promptly passed out for a three hr nap.  

had a hair trim accompanied by an insanely good neck/shoulders massage and got some new bangs.  then packing, laundry, dropping off the b (HATE IT.  HATE LEAVING MY DOGLET BEHIND.), eating sandwiches, talking on the phone with pretty baby, home pedicure, and soon sleeping.

still haven't heard from the doctor which is giving me the twitches and bad dreams.  i think i'll puke when i see his phone number show up on my caller id.  i know i can deal with whatever the results are.  it's just the anticipation of something bad that is freaking me out.

but wedding weekend begins tomorrow and i refuse to have my spirits peeped on.

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