Sunday, June 21, 2009

shit, man

i didn't even go outside today.  that sucks.  what did i even do inside?  

well, i did finish a job-market-oriented syllabus for a contemporary world lit class on love stories.  and i wrote up some sample paper prompts.  i made a smoothie and ate some peanut butter banana on whole wheat english muffin.  then i took a nice, cuddly nap with my special someone.  then i did some dishes.  oh!  i also worked on my fall american lit syllabus -- that was the hr or so missing from my memory.  thank goodness, i was starting to worry.

just ate some leftover black bean soup and quesadilla with a nice glass of trapiche oak cask malbec.  now i want something sugary but i don't know what.  and i opened my dissertation document, so i guess i gotta look in that direction for a while.

but parents come tomorrow!  hurrah!  that will be fun and adventurous and i get my beckett back too.  alright, time to do some work so that i actually deserve the time off i'm going to take!

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